The stars aren't shining bright for me at the moment, the universe is spinning too fast. The sun is too bright and the moon is never bright enough. The candles burn out too fast and the time passes too slow. I wanna be alive, but I've never felt more exhausted. I need to see the stars again, because right now I am searching for meaning in all the wrong places.

Life's for the living so maybe I should start living 



Today I found out I can sit outside my window on the little cement platform where the heater is, it is possibly illegal, and defiantly dangerous. But it makes me think of how it feels like falling for you. An awesome wave of emotions, joy, freedom, awareness, loneliness, cautiousness. Listening to the rain, watching the sun go down, feeling the wind blow on my face, all this I wish to do with you by my side, feeling my hand in yours and your lips on my skin.

Just because the sun has gone down doesn't mean it's not still shining 



Like stepping into a room with a thousand people staring at you, feeling the heat in your cheeks, not knowing where to look and trying to avoid eye contact. That is how I feel whenever I know you are around, I don't have to see you, but feeling you there makes me feel so nervous yet so relaxed. Pushing me away yet pulling me closer, make up your mind. Are you a pusher or are you a puller?

Shine brighter than the sun today 


Staying up

Well spend friday nights start with a hot cup of tea, penguin socks and polaroids with the people who are the most important in your little universe (besides from yourself). Pretending to be where the stars are shining bright somewhere over my head, dreaming of laying on the roof at 3am with you. Finding it hard to breathe with my own lungs, feeling captured inside this room that makes me feel so at home, yet being in your arms sounds more like home than any address I have ever get my postcards send to.

May the stars shine for you on your way tonight 


Heart out?

Night after night I find myself sitting in bed, writing down a thousand words I know I would be never be able to say to you. Night after night I wish I was laying on the ground looking up and dreaming us selves into the infinite that is the universe we are living in. I know the stars will lead us on if you just let yourself become consumed by the dark with me, it will make it all alright.
May a thousand stars shine on your night sky 


A starting point

It all has to start at one point just like the Big Bang that created the Earth we are living on and the universe that is revolving around us. This is where I start, at 10.30pm on a Wednesday night when I should be studying for my two tests tomorrow. As much as I wish I was starting something as cool and important as the Big Bang, I am just inviting you to be a star in my universe that revolves around me. I know you have your own revolving around you, but collisions aren’t always a bad thing.
I hope the stars shine for you tonight